A Home For It All

by Carrie Meier

Your house is a heavyweight champion when it comes to All. The. Stuff.

Every abode, no matter the storage, closet space, square footage, or layout, needs guidance on how to juggle the material items in a way that makes sense to the humans who call it “Home.”

It’s almost spring-cleaning time, so organization is a hot topic! There is no one right answer to organizing your home, so I cast the net wide, seeking applicable organization hacks from people all over the valley and beyond. A big thank you to all my co-contributors!

I use a hanging sweater organizer in closets to create a week’s worth of matching outfits for my kids. Saves on folding and hanging laundry and keeps my kids matching. For toys, I put picture labels on drawers for younger kids to know what toys go where and place a rotating shoe rack in the playroom to keep stuffed animals organized! – Nicole Wiskow

Hooks on the inside of cabinets to hang scissors, baskets, pans, etc. – Amanda Steder

I reuse the Costco plastic apple trays to store round Christmas ornaments. – Angela Solie-Borruso

I love taking closet doors off their hinges & decorating with baskets/buckets etc. I love that the toys/art supplies are accessible to my girls. – Alyssa Fry

I use dollar store file organizers for my Tupperware tops. – Cassie Mae Mathis

Buy two different colored hanger sets. Hang all of your clothes using one color. As you wear items, hang them back up using the other colored hanger. Any item still on the original-colored hanger by the New Year gets sold or donated! – Danielle Ripp

I have baskets by my front door organizing hairbrushes, barrettes, and ponytail holders so I do my kids’ hair on the way out the door. Our bathrooms aren’t cluttered with hair stuff and I know my kids get a brush through their hair before leaving for the day! – Anonymous

I love to fold sheet sets and house them inside the set’s pillowcase. – Emily Pedersen Lacchei

I personally love the 30-Day Minimalist Game. I do this at least twice a year.  https://www.theminimalists.com/game/ – Amy Herber

I love organizing things but have come to realize the solution is to have less stuff – one set of sheets per person, 2 towels each, two bowls, cups, plates each and limiting the amount of clothes. The less inventory we must take care of, the better! – Sara Smith (A Minimal-ish Mom)

Pantry items are housed in like-groups (breakfast, pasta, baking, etc.).  Wall baskets are great for produce! My kids ask for it because they can see it! – Samantha Herek

The one touch rule keeps the clutter away. A calendar command center keeps everyone in the loop on what’s going on and when. – Katie Zurawski, The Decluttering Queen

Pegboards!  I use them in kitchen drawers, in the closet, in the garage. They’re cheap, paintable, and super customizable. – Laura Tucker

Decorative containers with lids for the win! – Anonymous