How to Hang Your Stretch Canvas

by Courtney Cerniglia

I swung by the Hang Up Gallery of Fine Art in Neenah this month to get a quick lesson on how to attach wire to my paintings for showing in galleries or adorning my white walls. It’s that last finishing touch to a canvas that will make your work more professional upon delivery and make it properly functional. The process always seemed daunting to me, but John Arzberger provided the following advice for mastering this useful skill. 

Supplies: Coated hanging wire, two screws, two one-hole strap hangers, pliers, pointed tool, and Phillips screwdriver.

Step 1

Indent a mild “hole” 1/3 of the way down in the middle of the stretcher bar frame. This will help with screwing in your strap hanger. Repeat on the other side. You can use a tape measure to get it even, but the more often you do this process, you will become better at using your judgement.

Step 2 

Screw in each strap hanger. Tighten, but don’t over tighten. Be careful! Make sure your screws don’t go more than halfway through the stretcher bar frame, otherwise you could puncture the canvas or ruin the frame.

Step 3

Loop the wire through the strap hanger, using the over/under method. Make sure to have a few inches of excess wire to wrap around after looping it through the second hanger. Repeat on the other strap hanger, giving yourself enough slack so the wire isn’t pulled tight.

When you’re done, you should have a little slack on the wire and be able to hang that masterpiece on the wall! With this skill, you’re ready to make a professional submission to a gallery or enjoy the work right in your own home. 

Bigger frame and hanging project to tackle? Visit John at the Hang Up Gallery of Fine Art at 204 W Wisconsin Avenue in Neenah.