Perfect Spot for Paws and Reflection

by Carrie Meier

As my family navigates a new season of life, we have begun the process of sifting through everything we own. We’ve discovered some are easy to slice through, while other piles are left sorted, staring, exuding their power over us, triggering the guilt that accompanies moving on from things once held dear. When I went to clean out our basement pantry, I saw one such relic that really cut deep; my late cat’s bed.

We had two cats. One was a 23-pound, totally lovable male orange tabby named Bob. He came when he was called, hung out with us wherever we went (indoors or out), loved to cuddle on your lap, spoke in full sentences, and sat on the couch watching television with you like a tenured bestie. He was an amazing friend and pet. Our other cat, Adelle, was a specific flavor. She, also an orange tabby, was incredibly particular about who she graced with her presence and her affection. She had a very exclusive relationship with my husband, and therefore had very little regard, if not pure disdain, for me (the other woman in his life). Her purrs, her lap time, her willingness to be pet or picked up, and her limited good moods were all reserved for him. Bob, the kids, and I got the spicy/salty leftovers, and I still have the scratch scars to prove it.  

Despite it all, I loved her and wanted her to be comfortable. So, when I found an incredible stamped farm crate, I immediately went to work removing boards and reinforcing others, adding padding and wrap and all things lush, and created an adorable farmhouse-inspired, custom cat bed for the Queen. She loved it, and for a second, she was humbled by my efforts. It was a lean-in leg rub I’ll never forget.  

She’d saunter in like a model on set; one front leg tucked under her lean exterior, the other draped over the edge in a nonchalant, chic sort of way. This bed was Adelle’s estate. It was her place of solace and alone time, her safe haven when kid number three just wouldn’t tire of “the chase” when her body was getting old, and her pain was apparent. When we had to put both cats down within months of each other, it was so overwhelming I hastily packed all the stuff “away” downstairs and didn’t look back.

But there it was, Adelle’s sanctuary, and it was time to move on. I immediately knew the only way I could properly bid it farewell was to write about it here, hoping it inspires you to create an oasis for your furry friends. So, in honor of pets like Bob and Adelle and the love we have for them (even if that love defies all logic!), I wanted to create a quick picture collection of pet beds, sure to please all shapes, sizes, and styles of home and paw.