Winter Fun!

Things To Do in Fox Cities and Appleton

by Tim Froberg

Bears may hibernate during the winter, but there’s no reason for area residents to do the same. There is plenty to do in the Fox Cities over the next three months. Here’s our list of activities that can take the chill out of winter.

Ice skating

You don’t have to be Brian Boitano to glide your way through another Wisconsin winter. Most Appleton area parks have quality outdoor rinks, and the new Plaza at Gateway Park in Neenah is a must-see, must-experience venue.


It’s inexpensive, easy on the body, and allows you to explore nature in a winter setting.

Cross-country skiing

It’s one of the best winter cardio activities and is less dangerous and more accessible than downhill skiing.


I’m a native Yooper, and there may be more snowmobiles than cars Up North. The Yoopers know what they’re talking about. Snowmobiling is fast, fun, and a great group activity.

Ice fishing

Dress appropriately and you’ll likely enjoy the solitude of being on a frozen lake along with the camaraderie shared among fellow ice fishermen.

Downhill skiing

If you like alpine skiing, you have a bit of an adrenaline junkie in you … and that makes life interesting. One important tip: if you’re trying downhill skiing for the first time, ALWAYS start with a lesson.


It’s more challenging, especially in the beginning, than downhill skiing, but is easier on your knees, requires less gear, and has a cool, hip vibe to it. 


It’s a terrific family activity – especially if you have children – and there are plenty of small hills in the area to zoom down.

Snowball fights

Few things in life are more fun than turning a chunk of snow into a baseball-like sphere and drilling loved ones with frozen fastballs.

Dog walking

Assuming you own a pooch, it won’t cost you a dime and gets you outside experiencing nature with Fido. Most dogs love exploring snow and they will give you a nice cardio workout that doesn’t require a trip to the gym.

Watching a dog sled competition

Take a road trip to Marquette, Mich. and check out the annual U.P 200. It’s a 238-mile Iditarod qualifier from Marquette to Grand Marais from Feb. 17-21.

Fat biking

It’s as simple as riding a bike. That’s precisely what you’re doing – only you’re on an off-road bicycle with extra-wide tires allowing you to plow through snow-packed trails.

Make snow angels

Hey, we’re stuck with the white stuff for at least four months, so why not enjoy it? Forget about being an adult for a minute or two, lay on your back in the snow, extend those arms and legs, and flap away. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the grumpiest of Grinches.

Enjoy Outdoor Photography

The beauty of snow-covered forests can be breathtaking and enjoyed on a permanent basis by capturing these free gifts from Mother Nature with a camera.