Why Authenticity is your Finest
Sales Tool

by Lindsay Tafelski

How do you want your customers to see you? In business, many professionals have a “work persona,” especially when dealing with clients. They give extra effort to look and sound a certain way, often much differently than their natural personality. You might think this is what your customers want, but in full honesty, it’s easy to see through a false façade.

So, what is authenticity? Put simply, being authentic means staying true to who you are and being honest and straightforward about what you do and why. It is one of the most profitable sales tools you can have.

Transparency = Trust

People buy from businesses (and salespeople) they like, know, and trust—bottom line. They want to know you and what you stand for before they pass their hard-earned dollars over. In fact, the 2012 Edelman goodpurpose® Study concluded that when quality and price are equal, the most important factor influencing brand choice is purpose. In other words, consumers are buying from businesses that share why they do what they do. 

Be transparent by sharing your personality, family stories, upcoming plans, and favorite shows when talking one-on-one with customers. Even consider working fun anecdotes into your website and social media. It helps create a human connection and confidence. 

Stand Out

In a sea of hundreds of options, you need to stand out like a beacon in the night. Sharing your authentic self is a quick way to do just that. You’re no longer on an equal playing field with the others when you’re the first to pop into your client’s mind. 

Create a memorable experience for your customers by sharing your personality and building relationships by asking about their lives. When they go to purchase, you’ll be the first person they think of. 

Draw in Your Ideal Customer

You might be thinking, “I’m going to scare away potential clients by being too casual.” Au contraire! You will attract exactly your target client—with ease! The stiff, overly professional business persona of the past truly doesn’t bring in customers. If that has worked for you in the past, it was likely due to your business’ offerings and had nothing to do with the persona you presented. 

With an authentic personality, you will bring in people who want to build a long-lasting relationship, who relate to you, and who enjoy the rapport you’ve developed—and in greater numbers. 

So, how do you incorporate more of your authentic self into your business? That will depend largely on your personality. A good place to start is by spending the first few minutes of any meeting or sale on conversation. Ask how their summer was and share one of your favorite memories. Or share a story about your spouse, cabin, golf outing, or charitable organization.

Slowly start to reveal your personal life to your customers. You’ll find that not only is it enjoyable, but it warms the sale to an incredible degree.