Two Ways to Help Your Pet

by Dr. Peter Gasper

Many things affect the health of our pets. A number of these influences are out of our control.

Veterinarians never know what malady might await them when they enter an exam room. A dog with diabetes? A cat with hyperthyroidism? A dog with an ear infection? We never know. 

Veterinarians do know that there are two actions we can take that will bolster the health of our pets over their lifetimes.


We can work to maintain our pets’ ideal body weight.

Obese pets are more at risk to develop cancer, arthritis, respiratory compromise, diabetes, liver disease; any one of which will result in a reduced life span.


We can brush our pets’ teeth.

The bacteria involved in poor oral hygiene can travel through the body of our pets, causing problems in other organs. Pets with poor oral hygiene are more at risk for heart disease and renal disease; all also leading to a reduced life span.

While the hazards facing our pets seem limitless, we can do our part in decreasing those hazards.