Color Psychology: Portray Your Personality

by Madeline Felauer

Hear ye! Hear ye! Let’s begin this deep dive into a single contemporary question: What colors can I wear to impress, exude confidence, display my sunny disposition, or show a boss I mean business?

Purple is considered the color of royalty, an ancient association extending to queens and kings from harsh Roman emperors to the powdered wigs of Victorian times. Spurred by its inaccessibility, purple was a luxury for the rich, a sign of higher social status, and admired by all for its deep, saturated hue. This is just a glimpse into the wide topic of psychological color theory and how it relates to perception. 

Of course, now colors are available in a plethora of shades, but remain iconic in their origin. Jackie O’s soft, blue inauguration coat will be remembered across decades while Marilyn Monroe’s flaring, white dress will evoke the feeling of flirtation as many ponder the mystery behind the gusting street grate below. 

For monotone color wearers, take this as an opportunity to wear clothing not just based on a slimming quality, but rather on its message. How do you want to subconsciously influence the opinion of a potential employer? 

Imagine a bright, red hue, which is essential in drawing attention. Think bright red lipstick, a slick raincoat, or a fast car (studies show red cars are the most likely to be pulled over for speeding). Passing by the wearer, your eye is instantly attracted. It’s a general agreement that red is viewed as assertive. In most situations, this color represents passion, aggression, power, and intensity, and while intimidating, this hue can be spun to aid you in an interview or during an event to present a strong disposition.  

Blue is associated with calm, still water, a direct connection with nature and the sky. Wearers give off a quiet energy that is seen as tranquil. This does not mean wearers cannot be fiery or intense, but rather give off the impression that they are the epitome of stability. Throughout history, this color has been used in uniform creation because the calming color exudes loyalty and responsibility to one’s chosen profession.  

Returning to the origins of monarchy, purple is the ultimate representation of royalty. Although the royal family might now favor a posh, button down over a cloak of amethyst velvet, this color is a reminder of its past luxurious associations. I suggest wearing this color in formal settings where the magic of its deep shades can evoke a regal response, not only through the wearer’s actions but also as a lasting reminder that you are a strong figure in and out of the hue. Think of color as a supplement to your personality traits.