Upfront with Kristy Meyer

by Tim Froberg

Stained glass windows have an undeniable beauty and elegance. Kristy Meyer is skilled at producing these gorgeous, eye-catching products.

Meyer owns Studio K Stained Glass in Appleton and has 19 years of experience.

The Seymour native worked 17 years at Coventry Glassworks before purchasing the business in 2019 from Linda Muldoon and David Haas and moving it to its present location at 2125 N Richmond Street. Muldoon and Haas served as mentors for Meyer, who started work as part of an internship program while attending Fox Valley Technical College.

“With stained glass, you either get it, or you don’t,” said Meyer with a laugh. “I always enjoyed the work and the artistic side. The business side has been new to me.”

Meyers spends her downtime dabbling with different art projects and enjoying sports with her husband, Kevin, and three children: Eric, 13, Vallarie, 11, and Brooklyn, 9.

Who are your customers?

“It’s a mixture of homeowners, churches, and chapels. We’ve been working with Lawrence University this spring restoring their windows at the chapel.”

How did you get so good at your craft?

“Lots of hands-on experience. Linda and David taught me a lot. You just pick things up over the years, and it’s a form of artistry where there is some natural talent involved.”

What drew you to this craft?

“When I was younger, I never even thought about stained glass. But I always loved artwork, drawing, and painting. I went to school for interior design.”

Any project you’re especially proud of?

“We did restoration work for Stubborn Brothers Brewery in Shawano. Their windows were buried inside a wall and they brought them in a bucket. It was tough putting everything back together and making them pretty again, but we did it.”