The Maidens

By Alex Michaelides

Fans of “The Silent Patient” will love the latest psychological thriller by Alex Michaelides. Set in England at Cambridge University, group therapist Mariana Andros becomes obsessed with discovering who murdered the friend of her niece. Her main suspect is the classics professor Edward Fosca, who has a cult-like following amongst his female students. Mariana’s obsession with the murder spirals out of control, testing her relationships and her reputation as she seeks to prove that Edward is the murderer. Full of Greek mythology and set against the moody atmosphere of the elite university, this thriller was full of twists that had me guessing at every turn.



Sisters in Arms

By Kaia Alderson

This historical novel follows the women of the Six Triple Eight, the only all-Black battalion of the Women’s Army Corps. Grace Steele and Eliza Jones are among the first class of female officers, traveling a long way from their homes in Harlem to navigating the segregated U.S. Army while stationed overseas in Europe. Among the first Black women to serve, Grace and Eliza know that the pressure is on them to prove that they are just as capable and worthy of serving their country. Based on the true story of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, these women delivered mail and packages from loved ones to American servicemen battling on the front lines during World War II.



Incense and Sensibility

By Sonali Dev

In this third installment of The Rajes series, Dev continues her Jane Austen inspired retellings with an Indian American twist. California gubernatorial candidate Yash Raje has pursued his campaign with single minded dedication. But when a hate-fueled attack wounds him, he can no longer take the stage without crippling fear. His need to get back on the campaign trail leads him to stress management coach India Dashwood. Though their paths had crossed ten years ago, neither had planned on seeing the other again, and confronting the passion that continues to burn under the surface threatens to overturn everything they have worked to achieve. Full of heart and the warmth of family that Dev writes so well, she continues to be a favorite. If you’d like to read the first book, then check out “Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors.”



“After all, everyone’s entitled to be the hero of their own story. So I must be permitted to be the hero of mine. Even though I’m not. I’m the villain.”

Alex Michaelides, "The Maidens"